About Us


Our specialised consulting service is geared for professional clubs and athletes. We promote and support education at all levels of sport because we understand the impact that having the necessary information and the skills to apply it has on performance.

We are happy to offer a service that translates research to practise, boosting performance and outcomes via their broad expertise.


While we provide all of our services on-site, we recognise that clubs and players demand off-site assistance more than ever. Our services for clubs located off-site are customised to meet the specific needs of each group. They may include the following:

Performance Nutrition Talks & Seminars: customised to your club’s unique needs by our qualified staff of sports nutritionists.

Nutritional Strategies for Athletes and Clubs: Specifically intended to help in performance and physical growth.

Supplement Programs: based on a food-first philosophy, our experienced supplement plans aid in the achievement of individual and club goals.

Menu planning: includes recipes and meal programmes customised for the training ground, match days, and overnight stays (for away games).

Periodised Nutrition Programs: Because one size does not fit all, our specialists build customised plans that provide athletes with the nourishment they need for their specific workload.


While our team of professionals is extremely experienced, many components of the service can only be provided in person. These include the following:

Body Composition Analysis: Our ISAK-certified practitioners can give an in-depth analysis of your athlete’s body composition.

Hydration Testing: Our skilled staff can test and swiftly identify areas for improvement utilising a portable osmometer.

Support on Match Day: pre-game and half-time nutrition might be the difference between victory and defeat. Ascertain that proper nourishment does not get lost in the mayhem of game day.